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Branding Comments Published 2 September 2005

    southern agricultural show

    The Isle of Man branding initiative has made excellent progress. One of the most important aspects about running the project has been getting residents' and visitors' comments, which have been very insightful.

    Many of the people who visited the branding stalls at Tynwald Day (5th July), and the Southern and Royal Manx Agricultural shows (30th-31st July and 12th-13th August) were impressed by what they saw and provided some comments which will be valuable as the project progresses.

    In response to the question "Why do you think the Isle of Man needs branding/promoting?" here are some of the responses:

    "Good to see the environment being promoted as well as social history. Don't make the same mistakes as we have on the mainland!" Retired BBC Journalist, Crewe England

    "To put it on the map for way of life and living." Retired, Onchan IOM

    "To get away from the finance image." Farmer IOM

    "Many confuse it with Isle of Wight! It needs a higher profile in the UK" Finance Manager, York England

    "I do not see anything which singles out the IOM from elsewhere - no image!" Manufacturing Consultant, Port St. Mary IOM

    "To raise awareness of Island in UK and abroad." Marketing Executive, Braddan IOM

    For all the comments and to provide some of your own please visit or contact the project manager, Ian Gulland, on 01624 687066.

    Branding Logo

    2nd September 2005

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