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'LOST SOLES' Road Safty Campaign launched as the Isle of Man remembers the carnage of the regions roads 2 September 2005

    THINK ! - Road SafetyA poignant campaign to highlight the tragic number of deaths on the road in the Isle of Man is to be launched by LARSOA North West – the Local Road Safety Officers Association - and the six regional police forces.

    The ‘Lost Soles’ campaign material features a shoe lying in the middle of the road to represent the 13 people killed and 64 seriously injured in the Isle of Man in 2004. In the North West 350 people were killed and 3,713 seriously injured.

    The campaign is specifically aimed at the number of collisions where speed is a factor under the slogan ‘Speed limits are not targets’.

    LARSOA – the Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association – in the North West is organising the campaign with the support of regional police forces with launch events being held in the Isle of Man, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Carlisle and Blackpool.

    The campaign is aimed at counteracting the widespread public perception that speeding is acceptable.

    At the regional events the number of those killed on the road will be illustrated by the same number of shoes being laid out on a red circle to represent the centre of a target with an outer ring of shoes to represent those seriously injured.

    The Isle of Man event is taking place on Tuesday 6 September in Regents Street, by the Post Office near to the Shopping Centre, all are welcome to attend.

    UK Research has identified that over 70 per cent of drivers admit to speeding, resulting in speed being a contributory factor in over 1,000 deaths and 38,000 injuries every year.

    Pedestrian involved in a collision at 30mph have an 80 per cent survival chance, while a pedestrian involved in an a collision at 40mph has a 90 per cent chance of being killed.

    UK Research has also shown that 60 percent of people believe that driving too fast increases the chances that their partner will crash and 24 per cent felt angered by their partner’s speeding which they felt was ‘irresponsible and stupid’.

    Isle of Man Traffic and Safety Manager, Simon Barker said:

    “In 2004 on the Isle of Man, the two major causes of fatal and serious injury collisions were ‘excessive speed’ and ‘misjudging clearance, distance and speed’.
    “Although 60 per cent of the collisions occurred on derestricted roads, the remaining 40 per cent were on roads subject to a speed limit. Motorists should ensure they drive to the conditions and not just to the limit in place on the road. When a limit is set for a particular road, it is for sound engineering reasons and the consequences of exceeding it can be tragic.”

    Road Safety Manager, Dawn Henley said:

    Driving at higher speeds, gives motorists less time to react to hazards and inappropriate speed magnifies driver error.” Take care on our roads and look out for other road users. Drive within your own capabilities and at a speed that allows you to stop safely on your own side of the road taking into consideration the road, traffic and weather conditions.”

    Sergeant John Kinrade said:

    “Speeding is not just inconsiderate driving, it contributes to numerous serious injuries that occur on our roads each year. Every driver can make a difference by slowing down and observing the speed limits.
    The Law of Physics dictates that the higher the speed at impact, the more energy must be rapidly absorbed by metal, soft flesh and bone. The launch of this initiative is the start of the Isle of Man Constabulary Speed Campaign. This will see officers being dedicated to speed detection throughout the Island on a daily basis. Drivers are advised to ‘watch their speed’.

    2004 KilledSeriously injured
    Cumbria 57377
    Merseyside 62 708
    Greater Manchester 94 948
    Lancashire57 954
    Cheshire 67 652
    Isle of Man 13 64
    Total 350 350 3713

    For further information please contact:

    Dawn Henley, 01624 686901
    Sergeant John Kinrade 01624 631449

    2nd September 2005

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