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Sulby Dam Pump Station Refurbishment Completed 18 August 2005

    Martyn Quayle opens new Pumping StationChairman of the Water Authority, Martyn Quayle MHK, officially opened the refurbished Sulby Dam Pumping Station today. In addition to Water Authority Board members and other key Authority personnel, the ceremony was attended by representatives from the other organisations involved in the project including Hyder Consulting Ltd - Designer and Contract Administrator and Lloyd Morris Electrical Ltd – Principal Contractor. Sub Contractors on the scheme were Ferrier Pumps Ltd, Phinik (IOM) Ltd, Pegasus, Air Technology Services Ltd and Holmes Grace Ltd.

    In October 2004 Lloyd-Morris Electrical Limited was awarded a contract for the electrical and mechanical refurbishment of the Pumping Station, the total scheme value was £850,000. The work was substantially completed by the end of June and the “extended period” pump test trials, which allow for fine tuning modifications, now successfully implemented and completed. Testing, which covers not only the pump operation but telemetry, data gathering, alarms, flow/surge control and environmental conditioning systems is now 95% complete.

    The new pumps lift the raw water from the foot of Sulby Dam over the tops of Beinn-y-Phott – a lift of 295 metres – to supply the West Baldwin Reservoir in the adjacent valley. This transfer of water from Sulby Reservoir enables additional resources to be supplied for use by the Douglas water treatment works, which serves two-thirds of the Island’s population. The new pumps are designed to provide a 50% increase in the existing water transfer capacity and greatly enhance the Authority’s ability to manage the available water resources during drought periods.

    Raw water demand at Glencrutchery Water Treatment Work and the new Douglas Water Treatment Works, due for completion in the summer of 2008, exceeds the reliable maximum yield available from the primary source of raw water, West Baldwin impounding reservoir. Transfer of raw water is therefore required from Sulby Reservoir to West Baldwin Reservoir to meet yield shortfalls in dry periods. The refurbished pumping station is designed to initially transfer up to 16 million litres per day with maximum water transfer capacity over 22 million litres per day. This increase is subject to the MEA’s planned reinforcement of the local electricity distribution network.

    The pumping station refurbishment scheme comprises new increased capacity pumps, high efficiency motors, motor control centre, variable speed Mitsubishi inverter drives to eliminate a high motor start current, surge vessel compressors, water quality bubbler compressor, flow metering, compensation water flow control, hydroelectric generation unit, pipe work modifications, new cooling ventilation system, new data gathering and telemetry instrumentation/equipment, building services and electrical power supply upgrade.

    The new variable speed drives were programmed during commissioning to control pump pressure/flow rates in order to minimise stress exerted on the fragile 16 inch diameter uPVC section of rising main (to be replaced under a separate contract in summer/autumn 2005). This main repeatedly suffered from brittle fracture failure over the years. Martyn Quayle MHK, Water Authority Chairman said,

    “This opening ceremony recognises the contribution made by all parties in successfully delivering this project, ensuring improved operational reliability of this strategically important water supply asset.
    “Such work forms one part of several recent significant steps forward by the Authority in our £71 million (1st Quarter 1999 prices) 20-year strategic management plan, approved by Tynwald in June 1999, to achieve our vision of ‘Crystal Clear Drinking Water for the Island’s population.”

    18th August 2005

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