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Scams - new information from the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading 8 August 2005

    New information is available on scams from the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading in the form of a new leaflet.

    The new leaflet will be officially launched at the Royal Manx Agricultural Show in Sulby on Friday 12th August. It contains the latest advice to support consumers.

    Quintin Gill MHK, Chairman of the Office, is aware that there seems to be a new scam born every week and says "Consumers contact the Office about seemingly different potential scams every week. However we have found that most scams fall within a limited range of variations. You could be told that you have won a prize in a draw or lottery (even though you haven't entered one); or you're offered an exclusive entry to a scheme that is a surefire way to make money; sometimes you're contacted by letter, fax or e-mail advising of an easy way to make money by helping someone get untold millions out of their country or you are offered a chance to join an investment scheme that will make you huge amounts of money. Our new scams leaflet gives consumers a good idea of how to recognise a scam and what to do about them. Always remember the bottom line - if it looks too good to be true, then it very probably is".

    Copies of the leaflet are available from the Office in Lord Street, Douglas (telephone 686500) or from the Office's marquee at the Royal Show where Consumer Advisers will be available to provide consumers with advice on this and other consumer issues.

    8th August 2005

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