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Promoting Manx Produce and Keeping Down ‘Food Miles’ 1 August 2005

    The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has again been helping to raise the profile of the farming industry with the public. Following the success of the recent Manx Food and Farming Week, DAFF had a stand at the Southern Show, and will be on the show field for the Royal Manx Agricultural Show at Sulby.

    An important reason for supporting Manx produce is ‘food miles’. With a global economy, our food is travelling increasing distances ‘from plough to plate’. These distances are known as ‘food miles’.

    There is a high environmental cost to food miles. Large amounts of fossil fuels are burnt by aircraft and lorries to transport food around the world. The fuel is irreplaceable, and burning it causes pollution.

    Food is often transported even to places where the same crop is grown. An example can be found in Britain, where many acres of apple orchards are being grubbed up. Apple growing is perfectly viable in Britain, but large quantities of fruit are flown in from France, South Africa and New Zealand instead.

    A global market means that consumers lose contact with the seasons for fresh fruit and vegetables. The seasonal farming cycle tends to be forgotten because produce can be available throughout the year.

    Our choice today is wide. Choosing Manx produce in season means fewer food miles. Food is fresher, has been handled less, and isn’t adding to the burden of pollution and using irreplaceable fossil fuels.

    DAFF will be helping to promote Manx produce at the Royal Manx Agricultural Show in Sulby, 12th – 13th August.

    1st August 2005

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