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Jurby ‘Asbestos’ case – Health and Safety prosecution 12 July 2005

    In response to the judgment of the High Bailiff, Minister John Rimington MHK said

    “The prosecution of the Department by the Attorney General, as reported by the Health and Safety Inspectorate, was already underway when I became Minister of the Department in the summer of 2004. I therefore decided not to become involved in the details of the case as presented by any of the parties. The matter was before the Court and the Court has now made its determination.
    The Department accepts the judgment of the Court and notes the positive comments of the High Bailiff for the future. It is now time to move on. Whatever discomfort that has understandably been felt within the Department should be balanced by the comfort of the general public that the law applies equally to all.”

    12th July 2005

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