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Mental Health Services achieve outstanding level of performance for Investors in People Accreditation 30 June 2005

    The Department of Health and Social Security is proud to announce that its Mental Health Service has been accredited by Investors in People (IIP) for the third time in outstanding fashion.

    To achieve this accreditation, the Mental Health Service went through a rigorous assessment using the IIP ‘Profile Model’. The scoring works on the basis that Level 1 is an excellent score which meets or continues to maintain the industry standard and Level 4 is an outstanding level of performance, improvement and far beyond the industry average.

    Not only did Mental Health Services meet the required standards in every measure, but they received two Level 4 scores, an achievement emphatically noted by the IIP Assessor, Peter Clarke:

    “I have been assessing by the ‘Profile Model’ since its inception in 2001 and I have only ever given two Level 4 scores. They were both to the Isle of Man Mental Health Service!”

    Mental Health Services, employing over 200 staff, was the first Government organisation to be accredited by IIP in 2000 and is one of only two organisations in the entire island to have been accredited three times. Investing in staff at this level increases motivation, which has a very positive effect on providing a high quality of customer service and ensures the best possible treatment for patients.

    An extremely proud Ian Wadsworth, Assistant Director of Social Services (Mental Health), said:

    “I am delighted at the outcome of this last assessment, as it clearly demonstrates the commitment of staff at all levels in following a path of continuous improvement during a period of significant change. Staff who are well trained, well informed and who know their precise contribution to the organisation’s key objectives, will deliver a high standard of care. All managers would wish to achieve this, but it is only when matched against an international standard that you can be confident. We have achieved an excellent score, but there is still room for improvement.”

    Investors in People is the international standard that sets a level of good practice for training and development of staff to achieve business goals. The standard provides a framework for improving performance, through a planned approach to setting and communicating objectives and developing people to meet these objectives. The process is cyclical and should engender the culture of continuous improvement.

    The Minister for Health and Social Security, Hon. Steve Rodan, MHK said:

    “I am delighted that Mental Health Services has retained its status as an Investor in People. To achieve a level of performance far beyond the industry average is the result of continued hard work and dedication of staff in the service. The Department has always been committed to developing its staff. Investors in People status brings recognition for real achievements in staff development and training, measured against a demanding international standard”.

    30th June 2005

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