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Drinking and Driving Wrecks Lives 28 November 2005

    The Department of Transport in Partnership with the Police launch the Christmas Drink Drive campaign. This campaign is also in association with the updated drug and alcohol strategy in helping to reduce and prevent alcohol-related accidents and deaths, and helping to maintain safe communities. The campaign is fully supported by the Social Policy Committee (Drugs and Alcohol). The campaign is also supported commercially by Sleepwell Hotels and Heron & Brearley, and will run from 28th November 2005 to 2nd January 2006 with a press launch on the 5th December 2005.

    The campaign is aimed at any motorist who is tempted to drive after consuming alcohol; whether that is at the end of a night out, the morning after a heavy drinking session, or to get home following a few social drinks after work. We want to help these people think about the consequences of their actions, and ultimately make a safe decision about driving.

    Motorist who do drink and drive are taking a massive risk. They risk their own safety, the safety of others in the car and those sharing the road; they risk losing their jobs and their freedom. Most importantly they are risking the lives of their loved ones and innocent victims for the sake of an alcoholic drink.

    Even a small amount of alcohol can affect a person’s ability to drive safely. Reaction times are impaired as are the ability to judge speed and distance. Alcohol may also create an increased confidence in ability, and therefore promote risk taking behaviour. You can’t calculate your own drink/drive limit, so the only safe option is not to drink and drive.

    Sergeant John Kinrade from the Roads Policing Unit said

    “Drink Driving is still a common practice throughout the Island, each year several hundred offenders are prosecuted for drink driving offences, they have been fined, disqualified from driving and in some cases given periods imprisonment, these punishments have been well publicised, yet drivers are still prepared to take the risk. Don’t drink and drive it’s you and others who will face the consequences”.

    There are always options to avoid putting yourself in a drink drive situation. You can designate a non drinking driver on a night out, organise a taxi before you go out, find out bus times, book into a hotel or stay at a friend’s house overnight. With all these options available the only excuse for drinking and driving is selfishness.

    Simon Barker, Traffic and Safety Manager said

    “Motorists who drink and drive are risking the health and safety of others. Drink drive accidents can cause long term physical and psychological harm to everyone involved. If you are driving the only safe option is not to drink and drive”.

    Heron and Brearley are kindly supporting this campaign by offering a free soft drink in every round to the designated driver over the festive period. We would also like to thank Sleepwell hotels for their initiative to provide reduced rate hotel accommodation in Douglas over the Christmas period to avoid driving home after a night out.

    28th November 2005

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