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Improved facilities in Day Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities 29 November 2005

    The Department of Health and Social Security is delighted to announce that Eastcliffe Resource Centre, part of Day Services has had two areas completely refurbished in recent months.

    The areas, formerly used for light industrial work were freed up for other activities. When this work moved into the community to a more appropriate setting two working areas remained that weren’t really fit for anything else, but industrial work in that condition but which had the potential for a creative and innovative use.

    With the enthusiastic support of the Minister and Mrs Hannan MHK, work was scheduled to revitalise these spaces. After several months of hard work by staff from the Estates Services Directorate the spaces have become fully operational again and accessible to all those who use services. The Estates team in partnership with the Day Services Management team have managed to transform what were very tired, over worked spaces into bright, clean usable rooms that will now be very well used. The addition of new double glazing has also made them much more conducive environments for all those who use them.

    Steve Rodan, MHK, Minister for Health and Social Security said, “I am delighted with the refurbishments at Eastcliffe. The areas that have been created will greatly improve the service we can provide.”

    The areas have been used to create a large and airy art and crafts area. This includes a dedicated room for use of manually operated looms and a space that can be used as a gym or as a place for larger group activities.

    Julie Duncalf, Day Care Manager said, “We are very fortunate to have the expertise in the use of the looms of one of the parents. Several people enjoy this activity, it is hoped that now the craft room is in use, more will become involved.”

    Some staff within both Day Services and Residential Services will learn the skills to operate the looms and therefore involve more people in this craft.

    Developing the resource areas has allowed services to develop into providing access to taster sessions to older children with learning disabilities still at school. This allows the older children/young adults to get to know services and staff that may be a part of their future activities. The other benefit of having a safe, large floor space is that those who use wheelchairs and like time out of their chairs now have somewhere to go.

    29th November 2005

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