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Isle of Man November 2005 Passenger Figures 5 December 2005

    MONTHLY COMPARISON6192760253-1674-2.7
    PROGRESSIVE TOTAL this year709698714907322094.5
    MOVING ANNUAL TOTAL769840805952+36112+4.7
    AER ARANN106280426980657.3
    BA CITIEXPRESS1956019349-211-1.1
    EASTERN AIRWAYS375038901403.7
    EMERALD AIRWAYS113150-11315-100.0
    EUROMANX 1412922048791956.0
    VLM AIRLINES0512512100.0
    OTHER CHARTER SERVICES inc Private/Club flyers605595-10-1.7
    BELFAST CITY A2B/BNWA/Flybe/Flykeen/Euromanx27252411-314-11.5
    BIRMINGHAM Flybe/Eastern471250133016.4
    BLACKPOOL A2B/Flykeen/BNWA 1181896-285-24.1
    BRISTOL Eastern/Euromanx803829263.2
    DUBLIN EuroManx/Aer Arann2815317736212.9
    GLASGOW (Euromanx/Loganair)2096164225410.0
    GATWICK (BA CitiExpress)9286929590.1
    LEEDS/BRADFORD Eastern Airways481336-145-30.1
    LIVERPOOL EuroManx/Emerald/Aer Arann2035715801-4556-22.4
    LONDON CITY FlyBe/Euromanx/VLM Airlines39995132113328.3
    LUTON BACitiExpress1961217921811.1
    MANCHESTER BACitiExpress/EuroManx831312430411749.5
    NEWCASTLE Eastern Airways4275179021.1
    STANSTED Euromanx21660-2166-40.4
    GENERAL tonnes231220-11-4.8
    MAIL tonnes240233-7-2.9
    including scheduled25012471-30-1.2


    "This was our second best November ever, albeit 2.7% down compared to last year. The month saw the introduction of new services by Aer Arann (Manchester and Luton), and VLM (London City and Brussels). For all three routes this has started to produce additional growth. The proportions of total passengers carried by each airline has altered again, with EuroManx back in the lead at 36.6%; BA CitiExpress 32.1%; Aer Arann 13.3%; Eastern Airways 6.4%; Flybe 4.6%; Loganair (BA) 2.7%; British North West 2.2%; and VLM 0.8%."

    5th December 2005

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