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Encouraging meeting on food tourism 9 December 2005

    The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Hon Phil Gawne MHK, was very encouraged by his meeting on Monday 5th December with the Tourism Committee of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce.

    “I was very pleased with the positive attitude that emerged from the meeting,” said the Minister. “The Tourism Committee is very keen to work with the Department to develop food tourism.

    “Their experience is that visitors to our Island are very keen to make Manx food part of their holiday experience.”

    Mr Gawne said that there was a need for a united approach across all stages of the food chain. Restaurants and hoteliers are looking for reliability and quality, but most importantly, they recognise a demand for Manx products to add something extra that visitors and Manx residents alike appreciate.

    “We have producers who can supply a good range of fresh Manx products, and members of the Chamber of Commerce have identified a market,” said the Minister.

    “We will continue to work across all stages of the food chain to promote an understanding of how these demands can be met and increase sales of our high quality Manx food.”

    9th December 2005

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