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Isle of Man Whitley Council Manual Workers Pay Settlement - Update 20 December 2005

    The Department of Health and Social Security has announced that following settlement of the Isle of Man Whitley Council Manual Workers pay award for 2005/2006 in mid October 2005, the Department intends to make an interim payment of the arrears due from the implementation of the award, which took effect from 1 April 2005, in 2 instalments.

    The first of these instalments has been paid in the December 2005 salary equating to 70% of the estimated arrears. The instalment will be paid net of statutory deductions. The remaining balance, less deductions due on the full 100% of the award, will be included in the January 2006 salary.

    Steve Rodan, MHK, Minister for Health and Social Security said,

    “I am delighted to announce this way forward for the payment of arrears. Negotiations for the pay award took many months, during which time all parties worked in collaboration to ensure a resolution. The 70% advance award that has been paid in employees' December salaries will no doubt be welcomed, particularly as we are in the festive season. I thank and congratulate the Department’s finance and payroll staff who have worked very hard to arrange payment of the back pay component in December for such a large Whitley Council workforce”.

    20th December 2005

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