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Financial Sanctions 16 January 2006

    Notification of recent developments involving sanctons on -

    • Al-Qaida and the Taliban,
    • Liberia
    • Uzbekistan

    Terrorism and Al-Qaida

    On 20th December 2005 the United Nations Sanctions Committee made a large number of amendments to entries on the Consolidated List of individuals and entities subject to sanctions under UN Security Council Resolution 1390 (2002).

    The details of these changes can be found here
    Sanctions Notice 9 (Terrorism and Al-Qaida) has been revised and is available here


    On 12th January 2006 the European Commission notified a number of amendments to the list of entities subject to sanctions in respect of Council regulation (EC) No. 872/2004 and UN Security Council Resolution 1532 (2004).

    The details of these changes can be found here
    Sanctions Notice 7 (Liberia etc) has been revised and is available here


    Council Regulation (EC) No. 1859/2005 imposed certain restrictive measures against Uzbekistan following that country’s refusal to allow an independent international inquiry into events in the city of Andizhan on 12th and 13th May 2005. On that date Uzbek security forces were reported to have opened fire on unarmed civilians during protests in that city. The Regulation came into effect on 17th November 2005.

    The Council Regulation prohibited –

    • the sale, supply, transfer or export of equipment capable of being used for internal repression; o the supply, directly or indirectly, of technical assistance relating to such equipment;
    • the provision, directly or indirectly, of financial assistance relating to such equipment; and
    • participation, knowingly and intentionally, in activities the object or effect of which was, directly or indirectly, to promote any of the above.

    On 22nd December 2005 the Isle of Man brought into operation–

    • the European Communities (Uzbekistan Sanctions) (Application) Order 2005 [SD 902/05] and
    • the Uzbekistan Sanctions Regulations 2005 [SD 903/05].

    These together gave effect in the Island to Council Regulation 1859/2005/EC.

    On 1st January 2006 the Export Control (Uzbekistan) Order 2005 (Application) Order 2005 [SD 878/05] also came into operation. This Order had the effect of adding Uzbekistan to the list of places subject to controls on the export of military and paramilitary goods, technical assistance connected with such goods, and dual-use items and technology.

    Therefore, there is now in place –

    • an embargo on the supply of certain goods, technology and technical assistance to Uzbekistan, and
    • a ban on the provision of related financial assistance.

    However, to date no economic sanctions have been imposed on named persons or organisations.

    For further information please contact the Sanctions Officer

    16th January 2006

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