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Where will our Waste go? 23 January 2006

    The Island has a waste problem to resolve. Within four or five years the EfW plant will be operating at full capacity.

    The Department, on behalf of the Council of Ministers, has a responsibility to ensure that the Island’s waste has a proper disposal route when it can no longer all be taken to the EfW.

    What are the options?

    1) Another EfW? The standard industry estimate is TEN years from deciding on the need for an incinerator to bringing it on stream. Today’s new incinerators, with large waste volumes and economies of scale, are projected to cost £90 to £110 per tonne of waste received. On the Island this would cost at least £180 per tonne. Where should we put it?

    2) Landfill? This is the worst environmental option which all developed countries are moving away from. Is there any part of the Island which is willing to receive untreated domestic waste?

    3) Recycling? This is the best environmental option and represents long standing Government policy. There is a limit to the use of ‘bring banks’ and we are close to reaching that limit. In the recent public consultation on Waste Management, the majority of Local Authorities and members of the public, supported the proposal for Kerbside Collection which is the only viable method to a) increase our recycling b) reduce the waste levels to the EfW.

    Despite the recent vote in Tynwald, which initially supported Kerbside Collection but then rejected the Report, the Department has a responsibility to progress this option and discuss with the Local Authorities on the considerable practical issues in introducing it.

    If we do not introduce Kerbside Collection then:-

    a) we will not increase our Recycling to any real effect, and

    b) the Island will need to find another method of waste disposal.

    23rd January 2006

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