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Environment Department launches new partnership scheme with Manx Telecom for phone directory recycling 1 February 2006

    The Department of Local Government and the Environment (DLGE) has launched a new scheme to promote the recycling of old telephone books from householders following the arrival of the new 2006 directory. In addition to the standard recycling sites provided for glass, aluminum cans and paper, the DLGE will be placing dedicated recycling bins across the Island for the collection of directories, throughout the month of February

    In recent years, telephone directories were collected in the same recycling bins as newspapers and magazines, and members of the public have showed huge support by recycling thousands of phone books. However, the DLGE has made recent operational changes to the way in which the Island’s paper is recycled, in order to bring significant benefits in terms of costs and sustainability. All the newspapers and magazines collected from the Island’s public recycling sites are now shipped to the UK where they are sold to a paper mill which manufactures recycled newsprint. This newsprint is then imported by Isle of Man Newspapers Ltd for the printing of our local newspapers which helps to ‘close the loop’ for the paper we recycle locally with the added benefit of significant cost savings. The only minor drawback to this new scheme has been that the paper mill does not accept paper over 12 months of age, which, by definition includes old telephone directories.

    However, as the DLGE is still keen to support the recycling of these books, it is now providing dedicated recycling bins, clearly labelled with large yellow and red signs which read ‘Telephone Directories Only’ . These recycling bins will be provided across the Island throughout the month of February and all directories will be recycled via a route secured in partnership with Manx Telecom, who are helping to fund the scheme.

    Members of the public are encouraged to recycle their old phone books, in conjunction with their glass, cans and newspapers at the following locations:

    North: Northern Civic Amenity Site, Ballacallow

    Shoprite car park, Ramsey

    South: Southern Civic Amenity Site

    East: Manx Telecom Shop, Victoria Road, Douglas

    Eastern Civic Amenity Site, Middle River (permit holders only)

    Laxey Shore Road car park

    Onchan Commissioners car park

    Grandstand, Douglas

    Tesco car park, Douglas

    West: Peel Campsite, Derby Road (adjacent to Western Swimming Pool)

    Station Road Car Park, St Johns (opposite Farmers Arms)

    Joanne Hetherington, the DLGE’s Waste Minimisation and Recycling Officer says:

    “ Paper recycling saves trees, water and energy and one of the Department’s key objectives is to increase annual paper recycling figures. The public has shown an excellent response to telephone directory recycling in the past and I am confident that we can build on our success this year. By working with the public, we hope that 2006 will be a record-breaking year for the Island’s recycling figures.”

    If anyone would like to know the location of their nearest telephone directory recycling bank, they can contact the Waste Operations Management Unit on 686540 or log onto our website at . Offices and businesses can also contact the Waste Operations Management Unit for details of how to recycle their directories.

    Manx Telecom’s Commercial Manager, Andrew Honour, commented:

    “ 65,000 copies of the new Isle of Man Phone Book and Business Directory arrived this week and they will be delivered to all homes and businesses on the Island. We are aiming to achieve a target of 50% of the old books being recycled. This is particularly important as Manx Telecom recently achieved ISO 14001 certification and is committed to the prevention of pollution and to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.”

    1st February 2006

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