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Climate Change – The Island’s Future? 2 February 2006

    The Department of Local Government and the Environment (DLGE) has launched a new web page, which details the effects that Climate Change may have on the Island.

    The website outlines the potential changes that we are likely to see such as:

    • Milder, wetter winters

    • Warmer, drier summers

    • Changing rainfall patterns, more intense storms

    • Less days of frost • Higher sea temperatures

    • More extreme weather conditions such as storms and heat waves

    • Increase in sea level

    We are already seeing these changes from data collected on the Island and they are set to continue to change. These effects and future climate scenarios were discussed at an initial workshop held in December 2005 run by Acclimatise, a specialist consultancy which has been commissioned to complete this vital work. The presentations and outputs from this event can also be accessed via the web page.

    The workshop groups looked at a number of important sectors for the Island and identified potential risks. Sectors reviewed were business, transport, water, natural resources, infrastructure, built environment, tourism and waste.

    John Firth, Managing Director of Acclimatise, who led the workshop said,

    ‘This was an excellent workshop with some great comments from the participants. I was delighted with the level of input from everyone and their interest in this issue. The information gained from this workshop will have a major influence on the study and I look forward to the next workshop to continue our discussions.’

    This was the first in a series of workshops being run on the impacts of Climate Change and how we as an Island should adapt. Invited stakeholders will also take part in the next workshop on the 1st March. This workshop will look at potential impacts on different sectors and look at how we should start to adapt to climate risks.

    The Department has indicated that if anyone represents an organisation or group and would like to become involved with the study they should contact Amy Hutchins on 0114 2378686 or at

    2nd February 2006

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