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Isle of Man Airport January 2006 Air Passenger Figures 2 February 2006

    MONTHLY COMPARISON52371530086371.2
    PROGRESSIVE TOTAL this year52371530086371.2
    MOVING ANNUAL TOTAL773036807293342574.4
    AER ARANN1184104889304785.8
    BA CITIEXPRESS1714814767-2381-13.9
    EASTERN AIRWAYS31922889-303-9.5
    EMERALD AIRWAYS96940-9694-100.0
    EUROMANX 1467919628494933.7
    VLM AIRLINES0571571100.0
    OTHER CHARTER SERVICES inc Private/Club flyers499382-117-23.4
    BELFAST CITY BNWA/Flykeen/Euromanx 20772037-40-1.9
    BIRMINGHAM Flybe/Eastern40853803-282-6.9
    BLACKPOOL Flykeen/BNWA 905625-280-30.9
    BRISTOL Eastern/Euromanx68368960.9
    DUBLIN EuroManx/Aer Arann2482306057823.3
    EDINBURGH Alpha One 033100.0
    GLASGOW Euromanx/Loganair1652127525410.0
    GATWICK BA CitiExpress81427519-623-7.7
    LEEDS/BRADFORD Eastern Airways42277-345-81.8
    LIVERPOOL EuroManx/Emerald/Aer Arann1694112960-3981-23.5
    LONDON CITY Euromanx/VLM Airlines3780460282221.7
    LUTON BACitiExpress/Aer Arann17243301157791.5
    MANCHESTER BACitiExpress/EuroManx/Aer Arann728212215493367.7
    NEWCASTLE Eastern Airways486460-26-5.3
    STANSTED Euromanx12110-1211-100.0
    GENERAL tonnes206162-44-21.4
    MAIL tonnes20120652.5
    including scheduled2379276538616.2
    Airport Director's Comments:

    "The modest growth (1.2%) for the month, again disguises the large changes that continue to take place between routes. Manchester has increased by 4,933 passengers (+68%), whilst Liverpool is down 2,981 (-23%). Luton has grown strongly with 1,577 additional passengers (+91%), and this does not seem to have affected London City, which is 822 up (+22%). Gatwick is 623 down (-7.7%).

    The percentages of total passengers flown by each airline has changed to become Euromanx 37%; BA CitiExpress 28%; Aer Arann 20%; Eastern 5%; FlyBe 4%; Loganair 2.4%; British Northwest 1.6%; and VLM 1.1%.

    2nd February 2006

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