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Iomoft - Important Safety Notice 3 February 2006

    The Office of Fair Trading and Woolworths are asking anyone who bought a Welkin 7" Portable DVD Player, Item Code: 270030320, Barcode: 4893048153489, Price £79.99, Serial Number beginning 0504***** or 0505***** in a Woolworths store either locally or in the UK to stop using it immediately and contact the Woolworths Customer Support Department.

    Despite rigorous quality and safety checks, the battery packs may overheat causing a potential fire risk.

    The problem only applies to players with the serial numbers listed above. The serial number is found on the base of the DVD player itself, in the bottom left hand corner. If you have any difficulty locating the serial number please email or call the Woolworths Customer Support Department who will be able to assist you.


    Tel: 01706 862789 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday.

    The Office of Fair Trading supports this reponsible precautionary measure taken by Woolworths.

    3rd February 2006

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