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Tricky Treasure Hunt Winner 10 February 2006

    One of the events organized for the 40th anniversary year, 2005, of the Curraghs Wildlife Park was the Tricky Treasure hunt, with 18 cryptic clues to answers to be found within the Wildlife Park.

    The winner of the Treasure Hunt has been announced as Mrs Juliet Thompson who today was awarded her prize of a return travel voucher from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company by Geoff Corkish, Communications Manager, and Tina Hampton, Duty Manager at the Curraghs Wildlife Park.

    Geoff Corkish commented: “We were delighted to support the Wildlife Park in its fortieth year. IT was an anniversary year for the Steam Packet Co too, one hundred and seventy five years, and I hope that both organisations go on to a long and prosperous future.”

    The Tricky Treasure Hunt at the Wildlife Park was designed to take more than one visit to complete. Tina Hampton observed: “The treasure hunt was certainly very popular and successful, Some contestants stated that they had returned over twenty times in order to complete it although Mrs Thompson completed it a hundred per cent correctly in only two visits.”

    All the funds raised from the sale of the treasure hunt entry forms, £342.09 were donated to Shellshock, a turtle and tortoise conservation campaign promoted by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. Each year EAZA announces a different campaign to raise funds for conservation and during 2005 raised over 250,000 euros from over a hundred participating zoos.

    Awareness of the extinction crisis facing turtles and tortoises was an important part of the Shellshock Campaign. Participating institutions have publicised the desperate nature of the conservation problem that these ancient species face and stressed to their visitors the appalling treatment that so many millions of individual animals are subjected to in the name of the commercial food and pet trade. Projects supported through the Shellshock campaign include the development of turtle breeding facilities in the Angkor Centre for the conservation of biodiversity, Cambodia, a turtle conservation project at the Gavial Breeding Centre in the Royal Chitwan National Park, for the native turtle species of Nepal, urgent research in China into the distribution and status of a little known species of box turtle and a satellite telemetry study in Gabon to enhance protection of the world's most important Leatherback turtle nesting beach.

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