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Sulby Water Treatment Works 13 February 2006

    Sulby has been very much at the forefront of recent works undertaken by the Water Authority . The current works are planned to be completed before the summer after which it’s not envisaged that any more major works will be centered on Sulby for some years to come.

    In recent months the Authority has completed the construction of the new Water Treatment works in Sulby Glen and the laying of a large new main to transfer additional raw water from Sulby reservoir to the works. The new works will not only supply the north of the island, it will eventually supply treated water to Peel and the South, areas currently being supplied by old treatment works. New mains are being laid in order to supply these areas.

    One new main that is being constructed to give additional capacity to Ramsey and St Judes has commenced in the field by Kella Close, Sulby. The MEA are laying a new 11Kv cable to serve the new Prison at Jurby, utilising the heritage trail where possible, but also crossing private land. To avoid double disruption to the Private land owners it was suggested that a joint venture could be looked at and Paul Carey Groundwork's were identified as the MEA preferred contractor. Paul Carey started work on 12th December 2005 and is due to complete the works by the end of April 2006.

    This section of main will connect onto the new pipeline laid by Auldyn construction that runs from Ballakerka service reservoir to the heritage trail at Quarry Bends. The photographs below show the new main being laid:

    Sulby 3
    Sulby 3
    Sulby Works 9
    Sulby Works 9
    Sulby Works 8
    Sulby Works 8

    13th February 2006

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