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Department Cost Reductions 14 February 2006

    The Department of Health and Social Security is aware that a paper it presented to the Council of Ministers on January 5 this year has found its way into the public domain.

    The paper detailed ways in which the Department could achieve cost reductions of £1.5 million in the current financial year, a requirement subsequently made clear in public by the Minister including a statement at the January sitting of Tynwald.

    The measures proposed to achieve the £700,000 health services element of those savings are now under urgent review in consultation with professional staff, as confirmed in a news release earlier today (Friday, February 10, 2006), so the paper to the Council of Ministers cannot be taken as a statement of the current position.

    In addition to, and separate from, proposals relating to the current financial year, the paper also briefly mentioned options for longer-term cost reductions as issues for future discussion.

    14th February 2006

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