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Measles Alert - Parents Urged to Get Their Children Vaccinated 28 April 2006

In the last two weeks, the Public Health Directorate of the DHSS has been notified of several cases of Measles in the Isle of Man. There have been outbreaks of Measles in some parts of the UK and until recently there were no cases in the Isle of Man – this has changed in the last two weeks. The Public Health Directorate is continuing an investigation into these cases.

The outbreak of Measles has resulted from many parents refusing to get their children vaccinated with MMR because of the alleged link between MMR and autism. Research all over the world has shown that there is no such association and the original research which was the basis of these fears has now been discredited.

Advice to Parents:

  • If your child has not been vaccinated with MMR, please arrange to get this done as soon as possible by contacting your doctor’s surgery. MMR is safe and effective.
  • Measles is not a ‘normal’ childhood illness. It can cause serious complications.
  • If your child has not had MMR and develops fever and skin rash, it may be measles. Please seek medical advice.

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