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50th BP Ship Registered in IOM 5 May 2006

BP Crewing Services Limited is proud to advise they have, with the registration of British Ensign, reached the significant number of 50 ships registered in the Isle of Man for which they are responsible as Flag State Representative.

The following statement has been issued by the Isle of Man Marine Administration:

BP Crewing Services Limited as Flag State Representative for BP Shipping

The Isle of Man registry reached another milestone on Wednesday 26th April. The registration of the British Ensign made the total number of BP ships on the register total 50. BP Shipping are the largest owner on the register and there are still more to come. She is an oil/chemical tanker built in Korea by Hyundai, 177.48 metres in length with a gross registered tonnage of 23,270. The total GRT for the merchant fleet under the Isle of Man flag is currently 8.6 million tonnes with BP Shipping accounting for approximately 36% of that.

Minister for Trade and Industry, the Hon Alex Downie MLC said:-

“We are delighted that such a highly respected multi-national organisation has chosen to flag their ships with us and this contributes greatly to our quality status and world-wide reputation. BP Shipping have undertaken a vast new building programme which has reduced our age-profile significantly - so much so that the average age of our fleet now stands at 8 years .
"The Isle of Man register prides itself on the maintenance of high standards in its ships and on the high quality of service provided to owners, it is this combination which has made the Isle of Man register successful and currently positioned number 2 on the Paris MOU white list of Port State Control. The Administration works closely with all those involved in the smooth running of a vessel, both on shore and at sea, and this has proved to be an excellent formula for success.
"Every Isle of Man registered ship is an ambassador for the Island. BP Shipping certainly plays a most important part and we are proud to be associated with them.”

For further information, please call The Hon Alex Downie, MLC on 682350.

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