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Isle of Man is chosen by South Korea as a role model for e-commerce development 8 May 2006

The Isle of Man was chosen by the South Korean island of Jeju as an example of an exceptional role model for e-commerce development. Jeju’s television station visited the Island and the programme has been aired on both Jeju and national Korean TV, describing the Isle of Man as an ‘IT paradise created on a tourist island’ – a clear endorsement of the world class e-commerce industry that has matured here on the Island.Chris Hall being filmed for Jeju TV

The programme not only explored the e-commerce benefits of the Island but also considered other aspects that make it the success story it is.

Having visited the key features of the Island, Jeju TV interviewed some of the prominent players within the IT business community, such as Chris Hall, Managing Director of Manx Telecom and Jon Allen, Managing Director of Domicilium, to discuss how the Island has developed and plans to grow the market even further.

The following phrases were used by Jeju TV to describe the Island:

  • “The economy, which has been led by tourism and finance, has seen the special targeting of IT industries over the last ten years. Its industrial structure is making sustained economic growth possible even in a global recession.”
  • “The Isle of Man’s core strategy to develop IT industries is to attract foreign companies by drastically reducing taxes. Corporate taxes will be reduced 0%, giving the Island’s world’s lowest corporate tax rate.”
  • Education is the foremost aspect of the Government’s IT strategy.”
  • “By installing WiFi facilities in various parts of the island, the Government has created an environment where people can use the internet anytime, anywhere, quickly and conveniently.”

Tim Craine being filmed on Jeju TV Treasury Minister Allan Bell comments: “The fact that our model is being used as example by other jurisdictions, is a clear endorsement of the quality IT and e-business infrastructure that we have put in place over the last six years”

Tim Craine, Director of E-Business comments on Jeju TV choosing the IOM as its outstanding choice: “We feel honoured to have been selected by Jeju as an example to follow in e-business development as it clearly demonstrates the increasingly world wide profile that is being built for the Island and its e-business offering. The programme not only highlighted this development but also emphasises the importance of the quality of life on the Island together with the facilities available to children to learn such skills which can then be used to help grow our IT and e-business sectors further. Overall the programme painted an excellent picture of which we should be proud!”

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