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Manx Telecom Retail and Wholesale Prices - Latest Benchmarking Report 8 May 2006

The latest report benchmarking Manx Telecom’s prices with other countries is now available at

The E-Business Division of the Treasury and the Communications Commission commissioned the report. GOS Consulting carried out the research based on prices available in December 2005.

Main findings of the report

GOS report that in the majority of cases Manx Telecom’s prices compare favourably with the other countries. This is particularly true for services to the business sector and for residential users with above average usage. The findings are consistent with an earlier report prepared in 2004 by Pure Pricing

Manx Telecom’s prices compare less favourably for low speed broadband access (comparator countries offer access at 0.5 or 1 Mbps levels whereas Manx Telecom offers only a 2 Mbps service), pre-paid mobile services for domestic customers, and low capacity leased lines. Following the Communications Commission’s announcement of two new licensed providers in the Isle of Man, increased competition in mobile services will have a positive effect on the prices of pre-paid mobile service.


The countries used for comparison in this report are Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar, the UK and Ireland. The 2004 comparison looked at the same jurisdictions.

This report covers four different service categories:

  • Broadband services (retail and wholesale)
  • Fixed telephone services
  • Mobile telephone services
  • Leased Lines

For fixed and mobile telephone services, prices are calculated using baskets of services rather than individual prices. This generates an Equivalent Monthly Price (EMP) which is comparable between the countries.

The prices used in the report include VAT, where applicable, for services to residential customers. Jersey, Guernsey and Gibraltar do not levy VAT, which means that some Manx Telecom prices to residential customers can appear higher than those offered there.

Treasury Minister Allan Bell said,

“I very much welcome the findings in the latest telecommunications pricing study. They confirm that overall Manx Telecom’s services are competitively priced, particularly when compared to our main competitors.”

Communications Commission Director, Anthony Hewitt, added,

“Manx Telecom has improved its relative position for a number of products over the past 12 months. It must now rise to the challenge of increased competition in the mobile market.”

Director of E-Business Tim Craine said,

“The results of this latest survey have provided Government with up to date comparative prices. They will be useful to prove to potential inward investors that, as well as Manx Telecom providing a world class telecoms infrastructure, pricing of services is competitive.”

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