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Watchman Safety Camera 19 May 2006

In 2005 there were 8 road traffic accidents at Ballaugh Bridge, compared with just 2 in the previous two years.

The Department of Transport is continually looking at new methods to improve safety on the Island’s road network and due to the alarming increase in accidents at Ballaugh Bridge, has selected this site to trial a “Watchman Safety Camera”. The camera will become operational in approximately 6 weeks time.

The Watchman continually monitors traffic flow, transmitting the images to the Road Safety Unit at the Sea Terminal Building. Analysis of the data will help to establish the reason for the increase in collisions.

Vehicle details are recorded and this will permit the Department to write to the vehicle owner to point out that the vehicle has been speeding. It is emphasised that the camera is not suited to initiating prosecutions by the Police in the way that similar equipment is used in the UK. It is hoped however that its installation will have a positive effect on excessive speeds through Ballaugh and that there will be a reduction in casualties.

If it is judged that the Ballaugh trial has a positive effect on road safety in the village, it is intended to deploy the equipment elsewhere on the Island. This installation is another example of the Department’s road safety initiative.

For further information contact:-

Simon Barker 686659

Traffic & Safety Manager, DoT

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