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Financial Sanctions 7 June 2006


This news release is issued in respect of the financial measures adopted in support of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1572 (2004) against the Ivory Coast.

The United Nations Sanctions Committee have amended the details of two existing entries on the UN list maintained under Resolution 1572 (2004).

The following entries are amended as indicated -

1. BLE, Charles Goude (formerly listed as BLE GOUDE, Charles)

DOB: 01/01/1972

a.k.a: (1) GENIE DE KPO; (2) ZADI, Gbape

Nationality: Ivorian

Passport Details: PD.AE/088 DH 12

Address: (1) Hotel Ivoire; (2) Yopougon Selmer, Bloc P 170

Other Information: Also referred to as "General". Leader of COJEP (Young Patriots). Addresses listed are as at 2001.

2. KOUADIO, Djue, N'goran, Eugene (formerly listed as DJUE, Eugene, Ngoran, Kouadio)

DOB: (1) 20/12/1969; (2) 01/01/1966

Nationality: Ivorian

Passport Details: 04 LE 017521 (Issued on 10 February 2005, expires 10 February 2008).

Other Information: Leader of the Union des Patriotes pour la Liberation Totale de la Cote d'Ivoire (UPLTCI)

A revised version of Sanctions Notice 7 will be issued in due course.

For further details, please contact the Sanctions Officer

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