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Environmental and Amenity Improvements at Port Soderick Car Park 7 June 2006

The Department of Transport has recently completed improvement work at Port Soderick Car Park. Braddan Commissioners reported that the area around the Car Park was subject to illegal fly-tipping, causing concern to both the Department and Braddan Commissioners, not only from an environmental perspective but also from an 'amenity' point of view.

Preventative measures have been achieved by raising the perimeter bank which will also make it easier to identify those responsible for the illegal fly-tipping and enable prosecution where appropriate.

Rodney Christopher, DoT Director of Properties,

‘The view was taken that the area should be cleared of all visible waste materials and some sensitive preventative measures taken to try and prevent re-occurrence of the problem. The work involved the construction of a soil bank and shrub planting, which, once established will appear as a natural attractive feature whilst helping to prevent illegal dumping. Fly tipping is not acceptable and those responsible risk prosecution.’

Comments from Braddan Commissioners have been positive in relation to both the clearance of the waste materials and the preventative measures taken and we all hope this work will deliver with benefits for the future.’

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