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MEA Launches Voluntary Selective Early Retirement Scheme 19 June 2006

Chairman, Eddie Teare MHK today announced that the Authority will be launching a voluntary selective early retirement scheme to staff after consultation with the Unions.

He said,

“this proposal has come about following an extensive review of the business and the job roles undertaken. For example, a number of specific working practices are now no longer required due to changes in technology and various working efficiencies which have evolved across the Authority.

Mr Teare went on to say,

“the Authority has decided to streamline its workforce by a measured approach rather than reviewing natural wastage on a year by year basis. Obviously the scheme is selective, and by the nature of this a selection criteria will include the MEA’s right to retain employees on the grounds of specialist knowledge, training and qualifications, health & safety issues or to preserve organisational balance. The scheme is intended to ensure a good deal for the Staff, the Authority and our Consumers whilst still providing a first class service.”
“Presentations will be rolled-out to every member of staff over the coming days to ensure the entire team is fully aware of the challenges ahead for the Authority and the part they can play in it. As I have come to know the Team at the MEA, I know that they will take up this latest challenge of change with fortitude and professionalism”.

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