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Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry welcome the raft of cost saving initiatives from the new FMA management. 27 June 2006

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry welcomes the news that Phil Teare, in his new role as the Managing Director of the Isle of Man Fatstock Marketing Association Meat Plant has identified and delivered a raft of cost reduction measures.

Minister Phil Gawne MHK comments “I am delighted that Mr Teare is making an impact in this challenging role. The meat plant represents a crucial link in the route to market for the Island’s livestock producers and the plant’s operating costs are a critical issue.”

The Minister continued “The FMA have identified cost reductions worth £62,000 in the current year and £183,000 per year thereafter, which is worth around 6p per kilogram of throughput.” Mr Gawne said “These savings are great news for both consumers and farmers and will help to prepare the industry for a profitable future despite the loss of the red meat derogation in 2011.”

“The impending loss of the derogation means that we must question the previous approach of trying to stimulate through put at all costs, in an attempt to reduce the slaughter cost per animal. We need to ensure that Manx producers supply only what can be sold profitably and then make sure that they can be slaughtered at an appropriate cost.”

He continued “Therefore the news of these cost reductions is a welcome indication that the FMA are really getting to grips with some of their historical issues.”

Mr Gawne concluded “Over the last few months, I have been very reassured by the strategic approach that the FMA Executive committee have adopted in focusing on the way forwards and also the level of engagement they have had with the Department. I am confident that if we can continue working as a team, we will deliver a sustainable way forwards for the industry.”

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