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Two Pints of Lager and an Aria Landlord Please 30 June 2006

BBC Philharmonic adds froth with Pub Operas as part of week long visit

The Manchester based BBC Philharmonic will be serenading drinkers at the Haven Pub, Port Erin on Friday 7 July at 8pm when a quartet of their players accompany an ‘impromptu’ opera called Stags, Hens and Inflatable Sheep.

The comic mini opera is part of the world-class orchestra’s programme of community events during their week long residency on the Isle of Man. Jazz sessions, school visits and a climactic performance of the Carl Orff’s epic work Carmina Burana with vocal accompaniment provided by the Choirs of the Isle Of Man, are all taking place.

The visit starts on Monday 3rd, and culminates in two full concert performances with full orchestral forces and international soloists at Villa Marina on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July.

For the pub opera four players from the BBC Phil will accompany soprano Susan Bissat and Barry Russell (baritone), who has written the bawdy performances. The action tells of Dave the bisexual bouncer, and the sights he has seen during his time minding the doors of seedy city centre pubs.

Martin Maris, Projects Manager at the BBC Philharmonic, said:

‘Our Pub Operas are always a big hit. The performers sing and wander amongst the customers who just carry on enjoying their pints, in fact they often chip in their own contributions, some ruder than others, as the night goes on!’

Another innovative project will be Barry Russell’s Supermarket Symphony on Wednesday 5 July 2006 at 10.30am and 12.30pm at Shoprite in Ramsey. Shop staff and local children will join BBC Phil players to perform a piece of music using classical instruments plus found items from off the supermarket shelves. Jars filled with beans, broomhandles, even carrier bags are put to full acoustic effect.

The BBC Philharmonic’s full orchestral prowess will be amply demonstrated during the weekend’s traditional music programme at Villa Marina.

For full details of the BBC Philharmonic’s activities during the week please visit

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