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House of Keys Sitting 27 June 2006 27 June 2006

Question 2 | Question 6 | Question 7

The question number refers to the question order specified in the official Keys Question Paper. To read the answers, scroll down this page or select a link to a question from above.

Question NumberSubjectQuestion from
2Funding Aids and Adaptations in Social ServicesMr Houghton, MHK
6Income of Salaried DentistsMr Karran, MHK
7Accounts of Salaried DentistsMr Karran, MHK

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Question 2 - Mr Houghton, MHK

For Written Answer: The Hon Member for Douglas North (Mr Houghton) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

What is the latest position on funding in respect of the Aids and Adaptations budget within the Social Services division?


The Aids and Adaptations Budget for the current financial year (2006/07) is £164,900.

In addition, the Department were given a supplementary vote by Tynwald of £200,000, towards the end of the last financial year (2005/06). This allowed for the covenant of new works but the funds were not spent during that financial year and so we have been allowed to accrue the full £200,000 into the current financial year, as well as £24,000 of the original base budget that was likewise committed but not spent during the last financial year. The process of commissioning works, particularly large structural works, can be a lengthy one and whilst funding needs to be in place to allow for approval to be given for commencing a project, there is typically a period of many months to allow for plans, planning approval, tendering and completion of works before bills can be submitted for payment.

Currently, the Division has approved applications for assistance from the budget to the value of £600,000. Applications have to meet financial criteria set by the Department and are then prioritised in order of need based on professional assessment by an occupational therapist in consultation with other professionals. The Department has agreed that all urgent and emergency works should proceed without delay and that approved work at lower levels of priority should only be undertaken as funding permits.

Question 6 - Mr Karran, MHK

For Oral Answer: The Hon Member for Onchan (Mr Karran) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

How much money was taken across the counter and banked in salaried Dental Services Practices for the year April 2005 to April 2006, and how is it predicted to change under the new charging arrangements?


Mr Speaker, During the tax year April 2005 to March 2006 the Primary Care Salaried Dental Service received £231,000 in patients’ charges. The Department received a further £244,483 from the remaining General Dental Practitioners in relation to patients’ charges for NHS treatment.

In March 2006 Tynwald Court approved the NHS Dental Charges Regulations which came into operation with effect from 1st April 2006. Members of Tynwald were advised in the explanatory memorandum accompanying that document, that they were submitted on the understanding that the introduction of the new dental charges would be at no cost to the Department.

Question 7 - Mr Karran, MHK

For Oral Answer: The Hon Member for Onchan (Mr Karran) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

Have the accounts of the salaried Dental Practices been audited and are they available for public scrutiny?


Mr Speaker, The Primary Care Salaried Dental Service is one of the many functions of the Department. It is not a part of the those dental services provided by external contracts.

The accounts for the Department’s salaried Dental Service are available for scrutiny by the Internal Audit Section of the Treasury and Government’s external auditors.

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