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Delays or Shortages in Flu Vaccine for 2006/07 14 July 2006

The DHSS has been made aware of some problems in vaccine manufacture for the Flu vaccine this year.

Every year a vaccination against Flu (influenza) is offered to all those aged 65 and above and those with chronic health problems. The reason for this is that the flu virus undergoes small changes every year and vaccines have to be produced against the circulating strain of the virus to be effective. Flu vaccination is offered in early Autumn.

The DHSS has been made aware that the vaccine manufacturers are encountering problems growing one of the viruses recommended for this year’s vaccine. The manufacturers do not know the full extent of the problems and are warning that there could be some delay in making the vaccine available; the impact on the total quantity of vaccine and possible shortage cannot be assessed at present.

The Public Health Directorate of the DHSS will continue to work with the Immunisation and Vaccination Team at the Department of Health in London to secure the vaccine as early as possible; however, since the problems are with the actual manufacturing process this may be beyond the control of DHSS.

Advice to members of the public:

  • If you are in one of the categories for receiving flu vaccination every year there may be some delay in receiving the vaccination this year. This is due to problems in manufacturing the vaccine which is bond the control of your Doctor or the DHSS.
  • If you do not belong to one of the categories for flu vaccination, please DO NOT ask to be vaccinated.
  • The seasonal flu vaccine DOES NOT OFFER any protection against Bird Flu or Pandemic Flu so please do not get vaccinated for this reason.

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