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Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital 21 July 2006

At the celebration of the Centenary of the laying of the Foundation Stone of the hospital, on 28 June, the Minister for Health and Social Services, Mr Steve Rodan MHK, and the Director of Health Strategy and Performance, Mr Norman McGregor Edwards, commented on the extensive developments in services at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital in recent years and the considerable potential for even more enhancements in the near future. These have been achieved by Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital staff with the invaluable support of the Welfare Trustees and the League of Friends, as well as the Department. There was insufficient time to give more detail at the ceremony but their comments have created interest and the Department is happy to expand on what they said.

Minister, Mr S Rodan MHK, said:

Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital continues to play an important role in the delivery of health care in the Isle of Man and it is clear that it can only become more important as we deliver services in a more locally-based way. I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, League of Friends and Welfare Trustees in finding innovative and effective ways of developing locally-based services. Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital is an exceptional facility which would be the envy of most other health services in Britain. The future most definitely lies in developing services in line with the emerging policy of providing services locally rather than centrally, where it is possible, cost effective and safe to do so. There is a great deal of scope for doing this and Ramsey is unique in the Island in having the capacity to provide local-based services without having to build new facilities. Currently, the Department is looking at creating facilities for renal dialysis within Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital, to enable North-based patients to be seen nearer their homes and to relieve pressure on the Noble’s facilities”.

In 2003, the Department submitted a paper to Tynwald, proposing the establishment of a 24-hour Minor Injuries and MEDS Triage Unit when resources permit. That remains the Department’s position and, whilst resources to pursue this development have not been available, the Department has continued to plan for this development – for example, it is intended that a small group representing staff, patients and supporters of Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital will shortly pay a brief visit to Scotland to look at the development of Minor Injuries Units there, which will assist the Department to plan its services more effectively.

Notes: In the last few years, improvements for patients have included:

  • The establishment of an Assessment and Therapy Centre which accommodates out-patient services for people requiring post-discharge support, and a number of multi-professional interventions aimed at people with Parkinson’s Disease, Rheumatoid disorders, continence problems, dietetic problems and cardiac problems, etc.
  • Anti-coagulant and cardiac monitoring services.
  • Enhancing skills in the Minor Injuries Unit and developing service provision by Nurse Practitioners working in the Minor Injuries Unit to include Minor Illnesses
  • Out-patient waiting list initiatives including Minor Oral Surgery and Dermatology
  • A weekly clinic for people with alcohol related problems
  • An island wide nail surgery service undertaken by DHSS Podiatrists
  • Courtesy of the Welfare Trustees an additional Patient Transport Services vehicle which can transport patients in wheelchairs, and can be converted for use as an emergency vehicle if required and purchased specialist equipment for the Audiology Clinic.
  • Refurbishing most Consulting Rooms in the Out-patients Department to create extra space and remove the formality associated with traditional desks
  • Re-decorated hospital corridors, Consulting Rooms and other patient areas, and increased lighting in Lezayre Ward and an adjacent lounge by the installation of sky lights
  • Courtesy of the League of Friends, installed battery controlled fixed hoists in Lezayre and Maughold Ward bathrooms, purchased a specialist chair for use in patients homes to transfer dependant patients up or down stairs to/from the Patient Transport vehicle and purchased new equipment for moving and handling in-patients who require transfer between bed/chair or assisted walking/dressing.
  • Undertaken an out-patient satisfaction survey which showed exceptionally high levels of patient satisfaction.
  • Improved ward lounges in Lezayre and Maughold Wards by the purchase of furnishing, book cases, etc and re-decoration

Improvements in clinical support have included:

  • A colour coded apron scheme for patient care and food handling, etc to reduce the risk of cross infection
  • Reducing the risk of latex allergy by reducing the use of latex products hospital wide
  • Refurbished the General Ward kitchen to improve safety, storage and access, and provided a new fridge/freezer and plate warmer
  • Introduced a hospital training curriculum to improve information availability
  • Improved security by enhanced lighting to rear car parks
  • Facilitated successful Investors in People assessment
  • Increased the number of staff with IT access in clinical areas
  • Introduced a skills updating scheme for nurses contracted to work night duty by enabling a minimum of 33 hours per annum on day duty
  • Introduced a Senior Nurse on duty over night scheme
  • Completed Health and Safety assessments hospital wide
  • Devised a study day to encompass several elements of mandatory training for Health Care Assistants
  • Reviewed and enhanced the study skill day for clinical staff
  • Established syndicate groups to steer implementation and evaluation of the nursing strategy at this hospital

Improvements for administrative support have included:

  • Improved work stations, office facilities and access to IT
  • Completed refurbishment of Reception to provide increased work space, more natural light, improved natural and mechanical ventilation, improved lighting with dimmer switch control, a separate office for the Supervisor, increased storage, a dedicated print room and a staff kitchenette
  • An IT record keeping to replace the outdated manual system used for Minor Injuries Unit attendees data. Introduced a colour coded apron scheme for patient care and food handling, etc to reduce the risk of cross infection
  • Significantly reduced the risk of latex allergy by reducing the use of latex products hospital wide
  • Improved procedures for the hospital launderette
  • Provided additional and replacement ovens for use by catering staff
  • Introduced a holiday relief scheme for Domestic Supervisors.

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