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Use of Jetskis and other Fastcraft 21 July 2006

The Harbours Division of the Department of Transport would wish to remind all operators and owners of jetskis and other fast craft of their obligation to navigate their craft in a safe manner.

They are further reminded that areas near some beaches are set aside for the exclusive use of bathers. Bathing areas should not be compromised by such craft as irresponsible use within these areas could result in prosecution. Jetskis and other craft may launch from Harbour slipways, however operators are reminded that they are required to pay Slipway Dues which can be done at any Harbour Office. The current rate for 2006/07 is £6.58 per metre including VAT.

Regardless of where jetskis and other craft are launched, all are required to be registered under the Registration of Pleasure Craft Act 1974.

Information on any of the above can be obtained from any Harbour Office where staff would also be pleased to offer guidance on basic safety measures. Alternatively, telephone Douglas Harbour Control on 686628.

Coastguard Officers who may be on patrol will also be able to offer help and advice to operators of jetskis and other fast craft with regards to their safety and that of other water users.

Captain M Brew
Director of Harbours

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