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Food Safety Poster Competition Prize Presentation 24 July 2006

Following on from the success of this year’s National Food Safety Week, the Department of Local Government and the Environment’s Food Safety Unit has presented school pupils with prizes, acknowledging their success in the ‘National Food Safety Poster Competition’.

The competition is organised by Foodlink, a part of the United Kingdom Food and Drink Federation, and was co-ordinated by Charlotte Neeson, one of the Food Safety Unit’s Environmental Health Officers. The theme of this year’s competition was “the 4 Cs for Food Safety: Cleanliness, Cooking, Chilling and Cross-Contamination”.

School Pupils from across the Island were invited to submit posters illustrating the importance of one or all of the ‘4 Cs for Food Safety’. Winning posters from the three age categories in the local heat were then submitted to the National Competition, where all three posters were judged and assessed as ‘Highly Commended’ certificates.

‘Highly Commended’ certificates were awarded to Paul Stephenson of Ballakermeen High School Special Unit, and Orry Swift and Hannah Cowin, both of Onchan Primary School. In addition, the Department also awarded certificates to the following runners-up in the local competition: Liam Cubbon of Anagh Coar Primary School, Darius Harper and Rebecca Corkish of Ballakermeen High School, and Olivia McKee, Eleanor Quayle and Aalish Foulger of Onchan Primary School.

Pupils received vouchers, kindly donated by Shoprite and Tesco, along with a ‘goodie’ bag each, containing food safety activity leaflets, pencils, badges and stickers.

The Department was also pleased to be able to present Ballakermeen High School and Onchan Primary School with cheques for £50 each. The money was kindly donated by Chemical Services Ltd. and was awarded in recognition of the fact that pupils from these two schools were awarded ‘Highly Commended’ certificates in the National Competition.

Ivan Bratty, the Department’s Food Safety Manager who recently presented the prizes, said:

“The results were a great achievement for all who took part. In the UK, the Food Standards Agency estimates that as many as 5.5 million people may suffer from food-poisoning every year. Consequently, raising awareness of how important hand washing is in preventing food-poisoning is very important.

Pupils from Ballakermeen High School Special Unit who were recently presented with their prizes by Ivan Bratty, Food Safety Unit Manager. From left to right : Ivan Bratty, Paul Stephenson, Darius Harper, Rebecca Corkish and Cathy Walmsley-Jones (teacher).

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