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Road Surface at Church Bends, Malew meets 'Best Practice' Standards 25 July 2006

Following a request made by organisers of the Southern 100 Motorcycle Races, the Department of Transport has completed a thorough investigation into the skid resistance of a section of the circuit near Church Bends, Malew.

Highways Division personnel visited the site on the 17 July 2006 to conduct tests using a towed “Findlay Irvine” Griptester, a machine that is used extensively by highway and airport authorities throughout the UK for measuring skid resistance under wet road conditions.

The Griptester was towed along the road from the Castletown Stadium to Malew Church three times in each direction, and the measurement of the skid resistance was recorded at regular intervals.

Between the Church Bends and Great Meadow the skid resistance did not fall below the intervention level of 0.47, in fact the reading did not go below 0.40 along the entire road. The Department has adopted these UK intervention and deficiency levels for single carriageway roads and the skid resistance levels recorded at Malew are perfectly acceptable and are in line with UK Best Practice for Highway Management for the safe use of the road by all vehicles in both wet and dry conditions.

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