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Illegal Use Of Greenway Roads: Joint Statement By the Iom Constabulary, Daff, Dot and Dtl 3 August 2006

The subject of illegal vehicular use of the Island’s Upland Greenway Roads and open moorland has received increasing levels of comment in recent years. Whilst it is recognised, and appreciated, that the majority of users of the Greenway Roads drive responsibly, a small minority do not comply with highways legislation and/or the DAFF byelaws.

It is an offence to drive/ride on a Greenway Road without valid tax, insurance or driving licence. It is also an offence to drive a motor vehicle off a highway and onto open moorland which can cause damage to heath land and disturb wildlife.

The DoT, DAFF and DTL are working closely with the IOM Police Force to ensure that appropriate rider/driver education and enforcement of byelaws takes place. Additional policing and spot checks on vehicles using the upland tracks will take place in the forthcoming months. Enforcement will apply under the Road Traffic Act 1985 (including Section 28, Prohibition of driving motor vehicles elsewhere than on roads) and the Forestry (General) Byelaws 2006. Prosecutions will be brought where appropriate.

To assist all newcomers and existing riders/drivers of vehicles to be fully aware of their rights and responsibilities a new leaflet has recently been published by the Green Lane User Group entitled “The Isle of Man Green Lane Code for Vehicle Users “. This leaflet has the full support of a number of Government Departments and local auto sport organisations. Copies are freely available upon request from the offices of the Highways and the Forestry Divisions.

The IOM Constabulary, DoT, DAFF and DTL look to the help and co-operation of all user groups to achieve an acceptable balance and understanding of the issues involved. This is in order to ensure that these valuable routes remain fully open and are used on a sustainable basis in the future.

Further information may be obtained by telephoning 685841


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