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Water supply situation as at Friday 21st July 2006 3 August 2006

 Actual Long Term Avg % of LTA
January 79mm171mm46%
February68mm113mm 60%
March 272mm 133mm 205%
April 74mm 102mm 73%
May 148mm 87mm 171%
June 56mm 94mm 60%
July 37mm (up to 19th 93mm 66%


Impounding reservoirs - levels at 19th July 2006

West Baldwin84% full
Ballure 100% full **
Clypse 98% full
Kerrowdhoo 97% full
Cringle 80% full
Sulby 79% full

** Not in use - water is now coming from Sulby WTW's

The key reservoir, West Baldwin, is “normal” for this time of year and is above the drawdown control line, it can of course be supplemented by pumping water over the top of Beinn-y-Phott from Sulby Reservoir..

Consumption of water has increased in recent weeks due to the continued hot sunny weather and the high temperatures. The normal summer output is 26 million litres per day but this has increased to 30 million litres per day this week.

Comment The Chief Executive, Patrick Heaton-Armstrong, comments “The water supply situation is looking comfortable this summer with reservoirs at a high level. Consumption has increased by 15% above normal levels, it is up from 26 million litres per day to 30 million litres per day. We do not expect to have to introduce any restrictions but the situation will continue to be closely monitored. The capital investment which has been made in recent years in the water infrastructure is already providing greater flexibility that allows us to move larger amounts of water around the Island. The new water treatment works at Sulby is performing excellently in terms of water quality and work continues on a number of key trunk mains schemes down the western side of the Island so that we are able to distribute that extra water”.

The Chief Executive continues “Work on the new £26 million water treatment works in Douglas is progressing well – it is both on time and on target financially. The concrete foundations have been completed, the structural steel forming the buildings has been erected and the roof sheeting is being fixed”.

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