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Financial Sanctions - Al-Qa'Ida and the Taliban 30 August 2006

The United Nations Sanctions Committee has removed one individual from the UN Consolidated List maintained under Security Council Resolution 1390 (2002). The individual therefore no longer falls within the financial sanctions regime under the Al-Qa'ida and Taliban (United Nations Measures) (Isle of Man) Order 2002.



YUSAF, Ali Ahmed

DOB: 20/11/1974

POB: Garbaharey, Somalia

a.k.a.: GALOUL, Ali

Nationality: Swedish

Passport details: 1041635 (Swedish)

National Identification No: 741120-1093

Address: Kralingegrand 22 S-16362 Spanga

The Sanctions Committee has also made a number of amendments to five existing entries in the Consolidated List of persons and entities subject to sanctions.


(Additional information is shown in italics.)

AL-SEBAI, Hani Al-Sayyid


  1. 1 March 1961
  2. 16 June 1960

POB: Qaylubiyah, Egypt


  1. Abu Akram
  2. Abu Karim
  3. Abu Tusnin
  4. Al-Siba'i, Hani, al-Sayyid
  5. Al-Sabai, Hani, al-Sayyid
  6. Al-Sebai, Hani, Yousef
  7. El Sabaay, Hani, al-Sayyid
  8. El Sebai, Hani, al-Sayyid
  9. El-Sababt
  10. Youseff, Hany
  11. Youssef, Hani
  12. Youssef, Hany, Elsayed
  13. Yusef, Hani
  14. Yusef, Hani, El Sayyed, Elsebai

Nationality: Egyptian

Address: London, United Kingdom

BADAT, Sajid, Mohammed


  1. 28 March 1979
  2. 8 March 1976

POB: Gloucester, United Kingdom


  1. Abu Issa
  2. Badat, Muhammed
  3. Badat, Saajid
  4. Badat, Sajid
  5. Badat, Sajid, Mahomed
  6. Badat, Sajid, Muhammad
  7. Badet, Muhammed
  8. Badet, Saajid, Mohammad
  9. Badet, Sajid, Muhammad

Passport Details:

  1. 703114075 [UK]
  2. 026725401 [UK]

Address: United Kingdom

Other information: Currently imprisoned in the United Kingdom. Previous address is Gloucester, United Kingdom.

HUSSEIN ELIWAH, Al Sayyid, Ahmed, Fathi


  1. 30 July 1964
  2. 30 January 1964


  1. Suez, Egypt
  2. Alexandria, Egypt


  1. Abu Umar
  2. Alaiwah, Al Sayyid, Ahmed, Fathi, Hussein
  3. Alaywah, Al Sayyid, Ahmed, Fathi, Hussein
  4. Elaiwa, Al Sayyid, Ahmed, Fathi, Hussein
  5. Elaiwa, El Sayed, Ahmad, Fathi, Hussein
  6. Eliwa, Al Sayyid, Ahmed, Fathi, Hussein
  7. Hatim
  8. Hisham
  9. Ilewah, Al Sayyid, Ahmed, Fathi, Hussein

Nationality: Egyptian

Passport Details: RP0185179 [UK], issued on 11 September 2001, expires on 11 September 2011 in the name of Al-Sayyid Ilewah.

Address: United Kingdom

MZOUDI, Abdelghani

DOB: 6 December 1972

POB: Marrakesh, Morocco


  1. Mazuti, Abdelghani
  2. Mazwati, Abdelghani

Nationality: Moroccan

Passport Details:

  1. F879567 (Moroccan) issued 29 April 1992 in Marrakesh, Morocco, vald until 28 April 1997, renewed until 28 February 2002
  2. M271392 (Moroccan) issued 4 December 2000 by the Moroccan Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

National Identification No.: Moroccan personal ID No. E427689 issued 20 March 2001 by the Moroccan Consultate General in Dusseldorf, Germany

Address: op de Wisch 15, 21149 Hamburg, Germany (Last Registered)

Other information: Does not live in Germany anymore. After his acquittal he left for Morocco in June 2005.

THAER, Mansour

DOB: 21 March 1974

POB: Baghdad, Iraq

Other information: Was deported from Germany to Jordan in February 2005.

Financial institutions and other persons are required to check whether they maintain any accounts or otherwise hold any funds, other financial assets, economic benefits and economic resources for any of the individuals or entities named on the Consolidated List. If any are found these should be frozen and the details reported to the Sanctions Officer,

The revised list of persons and entities subject to sanctions under the 2002 Order may be found at

Further information may be obtained from the Sanctions Officer.

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