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New Appointment for Sports Development Team 30 August 2006

Dominic Hobdell new member of the Sports Development TeamManx Sport and Recreation are pleased to announce the appointment of Dominic Hobdell as the latest recruit to the Sports Development Team. Dominic has recently commenced his post of Badminton/Hockey Development Officer on a three year contract, and will co-ordinate the future development of these two popular sports on the Isle of Man.

David Cretney MHK, Minister for DTL

“We are extremely excited about Dominic’s appointment, which has come as a result of the Community Key Sports initiative from the IOM Sports and Recreation Strategy. Funding for 3 years has been sourced from Heritage Homes, the IOM Sports Council and the respective Governing Bodies (IOM Badminton Association and Manx Hockey Association). I am extremely grateful for the financial contribution of each of these organisations, which will ensure further development of all aspects of Badminton and Hockey on the Isle of Man.

Dominic will work alongside the other members of the Sports Development Team, and be based in the outdoor offices at the National Sports Centre. Geoff Karran, Executive Chairman, IOM Sports Council

“His role will be to work closely with each of the Sports’ Development Committee’s, and put in place many actions and initiatives from their respective 3 year Development Plans. We are confident that Dominic will make a huge impact in the development of Badminton and Hockey, and his work will be a Catalyst for more of the recently recognised Community Key Sports to soon have a Development Officer in place for their sports also”.

Key areas of work that Dominic will be responsible for will be focused around increasing the number of people on the Island participating in both sports through junior leagues and competitions, and raising standards through coach and official education, child protection, volunteer recruitment, school – club links and all aspects of club development.


“Having been brought up on the Island, I now have a great opportunity to introduce more people to participating in Badminton and Hockey. I know there will be lots of challenges that lie ahead for me, particularly in finding the balance between splitting my time between two sports. However I can’t wait to get going in this newly created role, and look forward to working in partnership with each of the respective Committee’s.”

For further information contact Dominic at the Sports Development Office, e-mail or telephone 651572.

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