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Department of Transport sign agreement with DVLA 6 September 2006

The Department of Transport has announced that it has signed an agreement with the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to supply digital tachograph cards to Manx drivers who operate or drive goods and large passenger vehicles in the UK, Ireland or Europe.

The purpose of the agreement is to enable Isle of Man goods and passenger vehicle operators to run their vehicles on the mainland of GB, Ireland and in other parts of Europe, whilst meeting the latest onboard ‘drivers hours’ tachograph equipment EU regulations. This equipment, which replaces the old analogue system, has been specified by Europe and is aimed at providing a more secure means of enforcing the International Drivers Hour’s Regulations.

There is no intention to apply these regulations to the Island, as goods and passenger vehicle driver’s hour’s restrictions are not considered relevant. However, in order to use the Digital Tachographs, which are being fitted to all new goods vehicles, ‘smart’ micro chipped cards will be available to Manx drivers and transport operators who regularly visit the UK, Ireland or Europe.

It has been agreed with the DVLA that the Department will be responsible for processing the applications but that the DVLA will produce and supply the cards on its behalf. The fees, which have been kept identical to the UK, £38.00 for the first application, will be forwarded to the DVLA. The Department is not passing on any administration charges for this service. The arrangements have been made for the benefit of Manx transport operators to enable them to meet the new EU and UK requirements for driver’s hours.

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