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"Lost Souls" Road Safety Campaign 7 September 2006

The Department of Transport launches its ‘Lost Souls’ Road Safety Campaign today, at Regent Street, Douglas. The campaign has been designed to highlight the number of tragic deaths on the Island’s roads since the millennium and will hopefully encourage drivers to take on board some of the key road safety messages being promoted during ‘safe driving month’.

At the launch and throughout the ‘Lost Souls Roadshow’ the number of those killed on the roads will be represented by the same number of shoes being laid out on the ground. Sadly the Department has had to source fifty-four pairs of shoes to present an accurate display, but it is hoped that this rather shocking image will have a positive impact on drivers, inspiring them to refresh their driving skills and sign up to some post-test training.

The Department is optimistic that this year’s ‘Lost Souls’ campaign will help to raise the standard of driving on the Island, particularly if post-test training is widely adopted. However the Road Safety Unit recognises that this campaign has to hit home for people to take notice and better still, recognise the benefits of polishing up their driving skills.

Gordon Edwards, Road Safety Manager at the Department of Transport comments,

“It is very difficult for people to admit that their driving skills might not be as good as they were when they passed their test. But realistically, many people will have slipped into some bad habits whilst driving that could put themselves, their passengers, other drivers or pedestrians at risk.”
"The good news is that post-test training is now widely available on the Island and the Department would encourage all drivers to think about how long it has been since their driving test and be honest with themselves about their driving skills. Our campaign throughout September 2006 is built around the theme ‘safe drivers think of others’ - not only would post-test training improve your confidence on the road, but it would also help to make the Island’s roads safer for everyone.”

Following on from the Regent Street launch, the Road Safety Unit will be hosting a ‘Lost Souls Roadshow’ thanks to the kind cooperation of Shoprite. There will be static displays at car parks adjacent to Shoprite as detailed below. Road Safety Unit staff will be available to offer advice on post-test training and other road safety issues between 10.30am to 4.00pm.

Drivers can either opt to brush up on their driving skills by contacting one of the many driving schools offering further driver training or contact the Institute of Advanced Motorists on 07624 423555 or for details about the advanced driving test.

    The Isle of Man Constabulary, Fire Service, Ambulance Service and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) will be invited to attend the launch on the 7th September in Regent Street, Douglas.

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