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Manx Dancers Launch New Route to London Stansted 31 October 2006

The Isle of Man’s local airline took a flavour of the Island to London Stansted this morning to launch its new daily service to the capital. Today’s first passengers were entertained at check-in by a troupe of Manx dancers (photos attached) from the Manx Folk Dance Society. The dancers performed for more than an hour to the delight of both the Isle of Man passengers, and also the thousands of other travellers checking in at London Stansted this morning for flights to any one of thirty five countries across the world.

The performance was designed to launch’s new service from the Island to London Stansted. The airline is offering up to three flights a day which will enable business travellers to get into the City before any other service from the Isle of Man, and leisure travellers to connect to low cost flights on 160 routes including excellent links with New York.

“The Manx dancers brought something special to our new route launch today, and they were very popular with customers”, says Communications Director, James Filleul. “We wanted to do something a little different to launch this route, and since the Isle of Man has such as strong local identity, we thought it would be a great idea to bring a flavour of it to London Stansted for the day. I think it also gave the regular travellers through Stansted something different to enjoy! I would like to say a sincere thank you to the Manx Folk Dance Society and to the Isle of Man Tourism Department for their support.”

Flights are now available to be booked through the airline’s website, and the call centre on 0870 2422226. Prices are from £79 (single including taxes) “London Stansted has been at the centre of the massive growth in recent years of low cost flights”, says James Filleul. “It has one whole building dedicated solely to Ryanair flights, and there is nowhere in Europe which is more than ninety minutes drive from an airport which you can fly to from Stansted. It also has high speed connections into the centre of London, meaning our business customers can get to the City first”.

The Manx Folk Dance Society was formed on September 7th 1951 for the Festival of Mann celebrations. Their Display Team performs, in Manx Costume, at various venues, inside and out, during the summer and occasionally during the winter months. The Display Team only perform Manx Dances - both traditional and made-up dances.

Manx2’com’s timetable for London Stansted can be located on the timetable section of this website.

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