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Development of New Policy Areas within the DAFF Estate 2 November 2006

The Department is pleased to announce the development of a new policy for the management of parts of its landholding under the control of the Forestry, Amenity & Lands Division.

A consultation exercise undertaken in 2005 provided valuable input to this process giving two important outcomes.

The Division manages a number of small, isolated forest plantations which do not contribute significantly to timber production but have great potential for conversion into either new broadleaved woodland or open heathland. Outline proposals have been prepared which indicate that approximately 70 acres of these smaller coniferous plantations could be converted to broadleaved woodland, with a further 60 acres to heathland. A phased programme to achieve this conversion will be devised to implement the programme over a 10 – 15 year period.

Consultations with interested parties will be undertaken ahead of finalising management plans for each site.

The Department’s Minister, Phil Gawne, MHK, is supportive of this development which contributes towards the Government’s declared aims with reference to social wellbeing and a quality environment.

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