Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Financial Sanctions - Al-Qaida and the Taliban (UN Measures) (IOM) Order 2002 10 November 2006

New Name Added to List of Entities subject to Sanctions

The following entity has been added to the list of individuals and entities subject to financial sanctions under UN Security Council Resolution 1390. This is because it is believed that it is or may be acting on behalf of a person designated by the UN Sanctions Committee in the lists maintained under Resolution 1390.


Sarra Properties Limited

104 Smithdown Road

Liverpool, L7 4JQ


UK Company No: 05233365

Institutions are asked to check whether they maintain any accounts or hold any funds on behalf of this entity.

Any funds held by any institution for or on behalf of this entity must be frozen, and the details passed to the Sanctions Officer immediately.

Sanctions Notice 21 (Al-Qaida and the Taliban) is available here

For further information please contact the Sanctions Officer

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