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Winner of Youth Logo Contest announced 10 November 2006

A PROJECT to get young people’s voices heard will have a logo and a slogan – thanks to hundreds who took part in a competition.

The Youth Service invited young people to design a logo for its participation project.

The contest for seven to 18-year-olds attracted almost 300 entries, a ‘phenomenal response,’ said participation worker Jen Casson.

The winning entry came from Penny Crookshank, 13, a pupil at Ramsey Grammar School, whose design gave the Youth Service the inspiration to name the overall project Join In, Speak Up.

But ideas from three other designs – those of Ramsey Grammar School pupils Tyler Livesey and Tamsin Armour and a joint effort by Foxdale Youth Club members Kailyn Gale and Joanne Betteridge – will be incorporated into the final logo.

Penny will receive an iPod while the others will be presented with HMV vouchers at the project’s launch.

Jen judged the contest with youth officer Angela Guest and Mary Cousins, librarian in charge at the Family Library.

She said:

‘The project is about getting young people’s voices heard. We want to actively involve the young people who use the Youth Service. We have fully adopted Article 20 of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, which states:
"Children and young people have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken in to account."
‘My job is about putting this statement into action and providing young people with the opportunities to get their voices heard, both within the Isle of Man and on a wider level, in the hope that their opinions might actually encourage change.’

Also praised by the judges were Carlos Phillips, Illiam Quane, Tina Quayle, Jae Bacani, Jessica Radcliffe, Jason Fuller, Maria Hall, Sarah Allen, Shannon Clague, Lyndsey Beynon, Poppy Evans, Bryony Kneale, Georgina Li and Andrew Fairbairn.

Jen said:

‘We were totally overwhelmed by the number of entries we received. The quality was outstanding.
‘It is really nice to see young people on the Isle of Man are passionate about getting involved and having their say.’

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