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DLGE Minister Welcomes Public Survey Results Confirming Success of Governor’s Hill Kerbside Recycling Trial 16 November 2006

Earlier this year, Douglas Corporation completed a five month ‘kerbside’ recycling trial within the Governor’s Hill area. Participating households were each provided with a plastic recycling box for their newspapers, magazines, glass and aluminium. As part of the trial, approximately 650 Governor’s Hill households out of 1000 approached by the Corporation agreed to take part in the scheme and over 35 tonnes of recyclable materials were collected in total. Following on from this trial, the Department of Local Government and the Environment, in partnership with Douglas Corporation, commissioned a public survey of Governor’s Hill residents. The survey was carried out by a summer student on behalf of the Department and a questionnaire was sent to all households in the area in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the trial from the residents’ perspective. The feedback received was immensely constructive and has allowed the Department to identify many aspects of the trial which were successful, as well as those operational aspects which may benefit from revision in the future.

From the 370 responses received from householders, the majority (81%) stated that they had participated in the pilot kerbside scheme and many indicated that they would like to see it reintroduced as soon as possible. Householders highlighted a number of key factors which they considered to be beneficial, including the ease and convenience of using the scheme, suitable size of recycling box, frequency of box collections, environmental benefits of recycling and the reduction of residual waste in their rubbish bin. Other constructive feedback indicated that residents would like additional materials, such as plastic bottles and steel cans, to be included in collections. It was also suggested that in future, rather than loose lids, the recycling boxes should have hinged lids, which would be particularly beneficial in windy weather. Those respondents who had not taken part in the pilot scheme indicated a number of reasons for non-participation. These included lack of time, space, information or understanding of the scheme, and others indicated that they simply preferred to use the public recycling sites (e.g. Grandstand) for their paper, glass and cans.

Minister for the Local Government and the Environment, John Rimington, is delighted with the survey results and said

‘I would like to thank Governor’s Hill residents for their tremendous support by both participating in the recycling trial and for taking the time to complete our survey. The results reflect the excellent work of Douglas Corporation staff and also provide us with a unique local insight into kerbside recycling. This information will now be instrumental in driving forward the planned March 2008 phased implementation of all-Island kerbside recycling collections.’

A copy of the Governor’s Hill Kerbside Collection Survey will be available online via the Department’s recycling website from Monday 20th November.

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