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Completion of First-Time Buyer Homes in Glen Maye 20 November 2006

Developer Hartford Homes is nearing completion of a group of 8 First-Time Buyer Homes in its Creggan Aashen development in Glen Maye in the West of the Island.

The 6 three-bedroomed and 2 two-bedroomed houses have been designed and constructed to comply with the Department of Local Government and the Environment’s Standards for Affordable Housing.

Director for Estates and Housing in the Department stated that he was pleased with the design and specification of the houses developed by Hartford Homes. In particular he commented that some consideration has been given by the Developer in the design of bathrooms and kitchens and in the selection of units, fittings, and sanitary ware to provide a solution that is practical yet designed to provide a home of modern appearance.

James Greenhalgh of Hartford Homes stated that he was pleased to finally achieve completion of this group of properties to contribute to meeting the affordable housing need. He said that there had originally been delays to the commencement of the Creggan Aashen Scheme but since starting construction work progress had been steady and he believed that purchasers of all the housing in the development seemed generally happy.

The Creggan Aashen site is one of a number where private developers have included housing to be sold to purchasers included on the Department of Local Government and the Environment’s First Time Buyer Register. The properties are required to be of ‘approved’ standard under the House Purchase Assistance Scheme, sold with conditions containing pre-emption agreement restricting the re-sale for 10 years, and currently the initial purchase price shall be no greater than £145,000.

If anyone is interested in the First-Time Buyer Register or has any queries regarding the House Purchase Assistance Scheme they should contact the Department of Local Government and the Environment’s Customer Service Team on 685955.

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