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Annual Report to Tynwald on Hospital Activity 11 December 2006

The 12th Annual Report on Hospital Activity, compiled by the Department of Health and Social Security, will be laid before the December Sitting of Tynwald.

The Report contains information which gives an indication of the types of activity undertaken in Noble's and Ramsey Cottage Hospitals during the last financial year. It also provides a guide to the waiting times for in-patient and out-patient appointments at both Hospitals.

In accordance with the commitments set out in the Department’s Plan, the Department would wish to ensure that 95% of GP referrals are seen within 13 weeks, and that the waiting time between determination of need for and provision of in-patient services should also be no greater than 13 weeks for 95% of patients.

Information presented in the Report shows increased levels of activity at Noble's Hospital during the last financial year. In particular, the number of out-patient attendances increased by 8.1% and the number of in-patients being treated by 2.3% from the previous year.

Despite an increase in activity, the in-patient waiting lists have shown an increase during the last year of 471 patients (41.5%) and the out-patient waiting lists by 335 (7.0%). The increase in the number of patients waiting is due to the increased demand from the population of the Island, whilst the resources available to increase capacity have been limited.

The report contains additional information regarding activity at Noble’s Hospital, including for the first time information about waiting times for hip and knee replacements and for “therapies” (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, audiology and dietetics).

This new information shows that the number of patients waiting for hip or knee replacements at 31 March, 2006, was 86, an increase of 50.9% over the previous year. The number of people waiting for appointments for therapies reduced during the year for dietetics (42%) and occupational therapy (46.9%), but the number of people waiting for physiotherapy increased (20%). All those waiting for these services were expected to be seen within three months. The number of people waiting for an audiology appointment increased during the year, with 1,503 people waiting at the end of the year. The anticipated waiting times at the end of the year extended to between 6 to 8 months for some patients.

The activity at Ramsey Cottage Hospital has declined during the year, with the exception of attendance at the Day Hospital which has increased by 11.6%. The number of out-patient attendances reduced by 8.1% and in-patients by 10.1%. The number of attendances to the Minor Injuries Unit also reduced to 7,834 (11.5%) during the year.

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